How do you prevent falls from ladders?

Implement a comprehensive safety program.

– Understand OSHA ladders regulations.
– Train workers to identify hazards associated with ladders.
– Use safe work practices.

Common ladder hazards
– Improper set-up.
– Portable ladders not 3 feet above landing surface.
– Not securing ladder correctly.
– Standing on the top two steps of a stepladder.
– Overreaching when working from a ladder.

OSHA Requirement
Ladders shall not be loaded beyond the maximum intended load for which they were built nor beyond their manufacturer’s rated capacity.

OSHA Ladder Safety Requirements

Extension Ladders
Extension ladders should be used at a 4 to 1 pitch. For every 4 ft. (1.2 m) in height, the bottom of the ladder should be 1 ft. (.3 m) away from the structure. When accessing another level, the ladder must extend at least 3 ft above the landing to provide a handhold for getting on and off the ladder.

Step Ladders
Only use in the fully open position on firm level ground.
Do not use a stepladder that is folded or in a leaning position.
Never sit/stand on the top two rungs.
Consider work height when selecting a stepladder.

Maintain a safe position on ladders
Face the ladder when ascending or descending.
Maintain three points of contact at all times.
Keep your body centered on the ladder.
Never let your belt buckle pass either siderail.

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