Trenching and Excavating Safety Course

Excavating is recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations; cave-ins can happen without any warning.

A cubic yard of soil can weight up to 3000 lb. this is the weight of a small vehicle. The shear wall collapse speed can be 45 mph.

The Phoenix OSHA Training Trenching and Excavating Safety Course provides basic knowledge of concepts such as soil types and testing, trench protection, safe work practices, and responsibilities of the competent person.

The most common type of hazard encountered in trenching and excavation work is the trench cave-in, but there are other hazards, overhead electrical line contact, falls into excavations, equipment falling into excavations, explosions and electrocutions.

The most common causes of cave-ins are poor planning, wrong classification of soil, incorrect or defective protective systems, deficient installation of protective systems.

The competent person is capable of identifying existing or predictable hazards in the surroundings which are unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous to employees and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them.

The competent person has specific training and knowledge about soil analysis and classification, knows the correct use and installation of the protective systems,  and can identify any hazards in the work area. The competent person must also be aware of hazardous atmospheres, underground utilities, access and egress into the excavation, falling loads and equipment, vehicular traffic, and the stability of adjacent structures.

The Trenching and Excavating Safety Course helps employers and employees comply with the OSHA Trench and Excavation Subpart P standards.

All employers, supervisors and workers whose job duties require them to be in or around trenching and excavation work should take this course.

Topics are:

  • Soils analysis
  • Protective systems
  • Requirements of the standard
  • Competent person requirements
The Trenching and Excavating Safety Course is 5 hours long.

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